10 Commandments, Not 1000 Laws


Thomas D. Zweifel is convinced: "The 10 Commandments are highly relevant and cutting edge.” That’s why the management professor has reinterpreted the 10 Commandments from the Old Testament to tackle our challenges in today's world.

What can commandments tell us that are thousands of years old? "A lot," asserts Thomas D. Zweifel. To the management professor, the 10 Commandments can serve as a contemporary, ethical decision-making system.

The third commandment for example tells us that one should not speak carelessly or automatically, but lead through conscious language, Dr. Zweifel says,. If you tell your partner, "I love you", this produces love, he is convinced. And the day will indeed turn out bad if you make a declaration in that mindset when you wake up.

On 11 September 2001, the management consultant and author sat on a Brooklyn Promenade bench in New York when two planes hit the World Trade Center. He describes the experience today as a step toward himself. The next day, a rabbi approached him and asked if he was Jewish. Just days before Dr. Zweifel would have answered, "That’s none of your business." But in that moment, he said yes. Out of this moment came a deep friendship and later a book on leadership and Judaism.


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