WEBINAR: The Gifts of the Spirit in Evangelism (with Matt King)


Jesus is the great evangelist and He was anointed with the Holy Spirit. After Jesus’ ascension, the early church was suddenly thrust into world evangelism with little preparation and training, but they were enabled by the Holy Spirit. Today, our most important aide and guide in evangelism is the third person of the Trinity- the Holy Spirit. Based on Scripture, I believe that we can safely conclude that a city cannot be won for the Lord without the demonstration of the power of the gospel. No qualification, tool or ability can replace the role and penetration of the Holy Spirit in evangelism. The great news is that the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12) are given the church (believers), not just well-known preachers and evangelists. We can all operate with gifts of healing, working of miracles, word of knowledge and prophecy. This webinar will focus on how we can incorporate the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our evangelism just as Jesus and the early church did.

Matt King is an Australian-born evangelist and is the CEO of his self-titled evangelism organisation. This organisation is tasked with spreading the gospel through means of modern communication, and empowering the church in the Great Commission. He ministers itinerantly, primarily in Europe. Matt is also the primary vision carrier for the movement Resurrection Belgium (resurrectionbelgium.com).

https://www.matthewking.co | https://www.go2020.world


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